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Thread: Comfort still alarm of choice?

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    Question Comfort still alarm of choice?

    Hi, I am wondering if Comfort is still the alarm of choice. I am looking for an alarm to be fitted to a house I just bought. I don't have any automation installed yet, but am thinking of going down the X10 route.

    What other systems could you recommend if not Comfort. And can you recommend an installer in the Manchester area, preferably can install before end of October.



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    rayboy - for an installer in your area try selecting Midlands and Security from our installer Database here -

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    It all depends on what you want to do. I HAD to have a Nacoss approved alarm, but did want to be able to use some advanced features. My installer suggested a Texecom. It has as many contact closures as I could want, has pretty good intelligence and even has limited X10 control built in as well as AMX (I think). Redcare, plus all other signalling methods, together with SMS and even TCP/IP. Unfortunately you won't be able to get hold of the manual unless you are an installer (or your installer trusts you enough), and technically as an end user you aren't supposed to edit any of the settings as you could end up really upsetting the signalling centre (as I did one Saturday afternoon).

    They are an excellent choice if you have to have Nacoss plus a monitored system for insurance purposes.


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