I am considering buying some old stock C Bus switches. They are genuine switches, some are multiples of 4 gang units, 16 and 20 gang and some are 6 gang which are multiples of 2 gang. What I am proposing to do is demount the switches from the existing faceplates and mount them into some custom faceplates as just 2 and 4 gang units.

I am unsure of 2 things, firstly on a large multiple switch unit does each bank of switches have its own master id? In other words are they all the same and could function ok seperate from each other on seperate faceplates?

Secondly, are all models of C Bus switch regardless of age compatible with each other?

I would be very grateful for your humble opinions.

Does anyone know for any c bus marshalling units 0-10v analogue output at a reasonable price anywhere or the smaller din rail mounted version? If so please pm me.