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Thread: Phone connection help

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    Default Phone connection help

    Hi there,

    Can anyone help please?

    I want to add the ability to add 5 telephone extenstions onto my cat5e network.

    At the moment, I just have a master BT socket on the all behind my cabinet and a patch panel with enough spare sockets.

    What i would like to do is make the bottom right 5 sockets on my patch panel into phone so i can then patch those sockets to any of the networks around the house.

    I reckon i need to.

    1. Work out how to wire from the BT master jack to 5 cat5e patch panel sockers.
    2. Buy 5 connectors of some description that the phones plug into at the "room" end of my network.

    Can anyone tell the best way to go about this please?



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    Default ren

    Hi, have you checked the ren number on your telephone handsets? i think BT have a max. capability of ren 4, ring equivalent number, this is the max load you can place on the bt line, just a thought.

    Your handsets will have a small label on the underside, this will show the ren number, normally 1. In practice you can quite often exceed this number because devices with a REN of 1 may actually have a real REN of only a fraction of 1.


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