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Thread: Planning Barn Conversion

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    Default Planning Barn Conversion

    Hi guys, I'm new here and as the topic says I'm planning a barn conversion.

    I've decided on using an IPHomenet system for a/v distribution and structured cabling.

    I'd like to have home automation as well. Is X10 and lets say something like Homevision reliable enough/likely to work or is it better to to something wired like the Siemens instabus system.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Planning Barn Conversion

    Hi Gary, welcome.

    On something as nice as a barn conversion I'd definatley say to stay away from X10.

    Have you seen C-Bus? Beautiful range of stunning looking switches, and a reasonably priced professional hard-wired system. Some links to check out...

    ..and our CBus forum here..


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    Default Re: Planning Barn Conversion

    Sorry my vote goes for, you guessed it, Z-Wave - but for the better finish keep an eye out on the Icom-Technology stuff (, it's not out until October this year but looks very nice.

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