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Thread: How can we integrate C-bus to HAI systems?

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    Default How can we integrate C-bus to HAI systems?

    A client that prefer C-Bus for the lighting control asked me if C-bus can be integrated to HAI. On the C-Bus Enabled Partners list I saw HAI, but I can't find any clue how to achieve this. I tried on the internet too but I can't find anything.

    Does any of you made a similar installation?

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    Hi 2sc

    You would need to speak to HAI to see if they have CBUS Enabled their Panels...
    This usually means using a serial board on the HAI panel talking to a Clipsal PCI (pc interface).....

    If a serial interface isnt available from HAI then maybe you could use some relay outputs on the HAI connected to some Clipsal 4 channel bus couplers..This would allow you to control CBUS from the HAI panel.....

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