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    Default Newbie - Where to Start - Developing applications


    I am new to this field, and this forum, so a newbie in all senses of the word. I am a Software Developer looking into this area, initially to build a system that would work in my home.

    I want to know how I can wire up things like door contacts, and other wonderful security, home automated type things, but interface them with my pc, either wirelessly or wired. Ideally, i am not bothered about the software as i want to do this myself, but i would like something like a bridge which would receive signals from these devices, and then identify those signals to my PC so i can manage the results from there.

    A starting point, or any help at all would be fantastic, not sure of the technologies involved so really am starting from scratch.


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    xPL and xAP is what you are the things are you looking for I think!

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    As have a look at Derricks site he has a usb to i/o interface which uses xPL...

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks guys, the usb thing is almost exactly what i was looking for, and by the looks already has some code samples so i wouldn't need to reinvent the wheel.

    If i can write some meaningful software around this area, i will be sure to share it with other forum members, any suggestions for software features would be greatly received!

    Thanks again for the help!

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