I'm considering using this system to replace a programmer that's giving trouble at the moment. We've a normal system with oil boiler, radiators and hot water, fully pumped. All the radiators have TRVs.

I have a few basic questions about the CM Zone system, not easy to answer from the info to hand.

(1) Do I need to have HR80s on all radiators? A number of rooms have two radiators each, and clearly the two would never need to be controlled separately. As far as I can see, they'd both need HR80s, but I wondered if there's a "trick" to get around that.

(2) Reading the info it appears that you set a single setpoint for each zone and time range. Is this correct? I find that hard to believe. When I first saw the system I assumed that each HR80 would be working to its own separate setpoint to give independent control. If it doesn't it makes it almost worse than conventional TRVs - which can at least be set differently in different rooms.

(3) How does hot water fit into all this? The documentation makes no reference at all to control for DHW.

Thanks in advance, Tony S