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Thread: Kat5 or Coax?

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    Default Kat5 or Coax?


    I am about to acquire an Apple TV and the Virgin Media V+ service. Both items have component video outputs and support 720p HDTV.

    I have a Panasonic HD TV which is mounted to the wall. My main criteria is quality of picture (of course) and a cable/equipment free environment. Consequently the Apple TV and Virgin box will be in the garage. I estimate the cable path from the garage to the TV is approx 20-25m.

    What's the best way of connecting over this distance? The choices as I see them are CAT5 using Kat5 or coax? Does anyone have any experience of transmitting component video over these distances? Or any recommendations. Which will give the best picture quality?


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    I would not do componant at all, because copy prorection cannot be done over it, it maynot be long till content creators insist it is turned off.

    We used hdmi senders based on hdbaset and they worked a treat.

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    The RGB variant of KAT5 with phono connectors will happily carry Component Video and SPDIF but as has been mentioned above, because component video cant carry the HDCP signals content creators have the ability to have Component outputs disabled for certain content and only distribute it as HDMI - affordable high quality AV Distribution

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    Just thinking of the practicalities, a cat5 based solution will be easier to install.
    If you run individual coax cores you need to be careful that they all end up the same length otherwise the length of cable each element travels down will be different which may impact picture quality.
    If you get a pre-made cable it will be expensive at that length but also it can *only* ever be used for that service.
    With converters on cat5 cable you can leave the cheap cable in the wall and take use/the converters elsewhere should you move the TV either temporarily or permanently (or relocate your source boxes).

    I'd go for a Cat5 based solution

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