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Thread: Which approach for the mains wiring?

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    Sorry Toscal, what was that guide price? I think there was a line missing there.

    Very interesting points and great to have your notes albeit with the caveat that you're talking theoretically. It seems like these are the best two options on the market in terms of cabling.

    I read somewhere that I should be spending at least 15% of my overall system budget on cabling. I know CAT5 is very efficient and good value but i'm wondering why more people aren't opting to invest a higher percentage in Abitana or Kerpen.. maybe that's an incorrect impression I have but most posters seem to go with CAT 5 & COAX.

    Thanks so much again. Much to think about this wknd.

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    oops. Sorry about that. Its about 1720 ish

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