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Thread: Ideal Mexico central heating not working

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    Default Ideal Mexico central heating not working

    Hi...wondering if there is anyone who can offer advice.

    I have a floor standing Ideal Mexico RS3/40 boiler, gravity fed which heats water into a storage tank and feed the radiators directly. It is also fitted with a Landis&Staefa RWB2 manual programmer unit.

    Now, the hot water works fine. When I set the timer for hot water, or press the boost button the boiler fires and hot water heats perfectly.

    The problem is with the central heating. When I set the timer or press the boost button on the programmer unit...the light on the programmer unit comes on, but the boiler does not fire so C/H does not heat. The room thermostats are set to a high heat also.

    I had plumber have a look, and he recommended new boiler. But I can't believe a whole new boiler is required as the hot water works fine.

    Any ideas? Thanks for your time.
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    The circuit for the central heating is usually pretty straight forward.

    Live goes in to the programmer. When the time zone is ON, a relay inside the programmer switches and sends mains out to the room stats.

    Room stats switch the signal (mains voltage) from the programmer to the boiler/pump.

    Sometimes, the pump is connected to the boiler so the boiler controls the pump. This is to make sure the pump runs on for a predetermined time to dissipate the heat from the boiler jacket. I can't remember if the Mexico has this facility.

    So, you need to dig out your multimeter and trace the mains signal through the programmer and room stats.

    One other thought is that someone may have added a zone valve on the heating to stop circulation when only HWS is required.

    This would be unusual but not unheard of.

    If that's the case, the signal from the room stat will go to the valve to motor it open. An end switch on the valve will make when the valve is open, thus energising the boiler and pump.

    I think you are correct in your assumption that you don't need a new boiler!!

    Hope that's of use .

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