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    How about a wish-list thread, for future Idratek modules & software ? Must say, I think the current set is pretty versatile, and there are rumours of some sort of display unit being on its way ... still, don't we always want more ! To start things off, how about :

    a module to feed a shortish sequence of images to one of the hi-res digital photo-frames that are around nowadays ... that could be used to display a smart clock - by which I mean, one that shows not just time & date, but also the weather (Met.Office internet radar- & pressure-maps, with current images shown large, ideally 400 pixels square & 600x400 respectively, and previous twenty / next ten shown smaller, as repeating short movie-sequences ... all of this shown simultaneously & updated fairly infrequently - half-hourly, perhaps hourly) ... plus a few other things, too, perhaps a calendar and a picture of who's at the front-door ... it might need larger varieties of 'frames, maybe with basic video capability, but bandwidth requirements ought to be be quite modest, 'though - if more were needed - ISTR one of the twisted pairs in the Cat-5 cable is free - failing which a second cable could be used ... the displays could be distributed around the house, as needed ... using digital photo frames might help make it all affordable (prices will surely come down from the current levels, and second-hand prices ought to be low, given continued technoloical progression) ...

    anyway, that's one idea, for something I'd be keen to have !
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