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Thread: Cortex API

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    Default Cortex API

    Has anyone used the Cortex API in anger yet?
    I've had a few ideas (like a link to outlook for scheduled event announcements) butnot found the time yet.


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    Default API and scripting

    I took a look at the API, but it appeared that as it was based upon Windows messaging system, you could only use it from within another compiled Windows application (VB, C++, Delphi etc)

    What is more interest to me is the scripting capability - being able to control Cortrex objects from within VBScript/ASP, and have Cortex run external programs.

    I have several "wish list" integration projects to kick off over the next few months which will require the scripting capacility:

    - Control of my Sonos boxes using the Sonos VBscript interface from Cortex
    (provide better audio feedback than the MFP devices, and auto-play music upon room occupancy)

    - Control of my AV Receiver via its IP remote control port from within Cortex (Power control, changing inputs, auto-mute etc)

    I've done a fair bit of VBScript in the past, but not yet had the time to play around with the Cortex scripting side. Maybe over xmas...

    Maybe if people have useful existing scripts they could post them here?



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    I've had a look at the examples in VB to see how it works but it is a bit more complicated than my normal scripting of .Net, ADSI, ADO. I'm sure it will easier once I get used to the Messaging API

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    Default Cortex API

    Interesting, we'd be looking to do something similar ... using ASCII strings sent via a RS232 port (that being how our hi-fi talks with computers)... am new to Windows & XP, and only just started on the learning curve ... but we did have something working on our old Mac using QuickBasic ... key thing for us, I guess, would be whether VB can talk with the COMs ports !

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