Hello all,

I have recently stuck my house on the market and am wanting to build my own house as a one off design.

I then thought if i was going to go that route with a unique house i might aswell go modern and technical with it and make it automated etc.

I then proceded to go on the net and do some research and am amazed by what is on the market for home automation.

So i stumbled across this forum so decided to go ahead and register and get researching before i jump into this.

So a quick Hello and introduction

I live in the north east of scotland but am originally english

i moved up in aberdeenshire in 2000 and am loving it and i wont be far from the house i sell as the area is fantastic and you couldnt ask for nicer people.

here is the link for the add to my house


So hopefully i shall meet a bunch of nice folk on here that will help me learn more about this exciting tecnology