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    Default Windows Home Server

    I'm thinking of turning my current rather stately pc into a WHS, and buying a new PC. My old thing meets the system requirements etc..

    Has anyone done this, or have any experience of using a WHS etc..

    Thanks, Chris.

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    Chris - I ran the beta for a while. I liked it, especially the automated nightly backup of windows PCs round the house.


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    I did something similar but used NasLite software . I used the NASLite Floppy Disc Utilities version, as the mother board didn't have a usb socket on it. And selected the SMB version. The hardest thing was actually finding a floppy disc. I had to go out and buy a box of ten. Also if you put a large Hardrive in the server and do a full check and format this takes ages I'm talking hours for a 250GB drive. Buts its probably worth doing. Currently I have an 80GB and 250Gb drives in the machine. Will probably put another 250 in at some point this year.

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