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    First read the introduction written by Idratek themselves. And then read our version

    1.1 Who are Idratek?
    A British company staffed by boffins .

    1.2 What is Idratek?
    Also used as a collective noun for Idratek (the company's) products.

    1.3 What are the products?
    A range of home automation modules and a software package that combine into a comprehensive automation system.

    1.4 What can it do?
    See below for examples.

    1.5 What is an Idranet?
    An Idranet is a network of modules connected by cabling. The cabling allows the modules to communicate with each other using data packets.

    1.5 What is Reflex?
    Reflex refers to the data packets that the modules use to communicate with each other over the network. It also refers to the built-in capability of the modules themselves to process and respond to packets from each other without requiring a central controller. The analogy is with the automatic reflex actions of the central nervous system, like the famous knee-jerk reaction.

    It is possible to design sophisticated automation using Reflex methods alone, but at the moment the tools are somewhat limited, so Reflex is generally used to provide a fallback function in case of issues with the primary controller. The latest versions of Cortex include the ability to automatically generate basic Reflexes for functions such as lighting and heating.

    1.6 What is Cortex?
    Cortex refers to the additional software package that can supervise an Idranet and offer a higher level of functionality and integration. Continuing the CNS analogy, it can be likened to the brain. Cortex offers much higher levels of control, both in terms of integration to other systems and in terms of the sophistication of the automation itself.

    1.7 What can I do with it?
    Loads! Read on...

    1.8 Where do I buy it?
    Currently direct from Idratek:

    1.9 How does it differ from other systems?
    Idratek is probably unique in the sophistication of the automation offered through Cortex. Idratek describe it as 2nd generation because it moves beyond remote control and simple event based schemes found in most alternative systems.

    1.10 How much will it cost?
    It really depends on how far you go with functionality and how you equip each room. A very cost effective way to get a high level of functionality is to use a panel (MFP or DFP) per room.
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