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Thread: MS13 Issue

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    Question MS13 Issue

    Does anyone else have these issues?

    I have put an MS13 in the downstairs wc and a AMW2 behind the switch. When I read the MS13 literature it said that it will turn off x minutes after detecting movement.
    I took this literally and assumed that it meant x minutes after it's last detection of movement. What it acually does is turn off 1 minute after it FIRST detects movement!
    Are there any other X10 sensors that will actually do a proper job or is there a setting I should be changing?

    Also I have a MS13 on the upstairs landing, and I can walk from one bedroom to another and it will fail to trigger. And then when I walk back it triggers. Has anyone any expeience of these 'missing'?

    Any help or shared experience would be appreciated.


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    I've had a similar issue, but the only way I can think of getting around it is by using Homeseer to handle the acutual controlling of the light.

    i.e. the MS13 sends a signal that is picked up your PC running homeseer which then deletes and previous Off commands waiting to execute and creates a new delayed off command.

    You may be able to do soemthing similar with ActiveHome software, then store the macro in the CM12 unit itself (so you don't need to rely on a PC being switched on), but I'm not sure about that.


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    You can adjust the the actual time the light is on. I think its from 1 minute to 255 minutes. Its not that easy and if you don't do ´quick enough it comes out of set up mode.
    I had to set up one of these last week and it took 2 attempts to get it right.
    I normally the MS13 to trigger a macro in what ever controller I'm using. This tends to give you better results.
    Walking across the field of view of a sensor will give better results than walking either directly towards it or away from it. Also if the sensor is too high your walk from one bedroom to another may be at its limit of view.
    Normally the sensor shouldn't be mounted any higher than 2 meters.
    You could use a MS90 or MS18 security sensor and set it to I think set it to either zone 27, 28, 28, or 30. Then in the alarm panel set the same zone to trigger an X10 event. But I'm not too sure if you can set a time on this though.
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    I have changed the timing previously from 1 minute to 2 minutes, but how long do you give someone in the toilet? It's esspecially amusing when we have guests!

    I will have a go at the Activehome macro or Homeseer if that fails. Although it pains me to spend so much on a piece of software I am only going to use occassionally. (PM me if you have an old 'cheap' version, as I don't need the new version)

    I think I will do it like this:
    MS13 sends B1 On signal
    CM12 receives B1 and triggers B1 macro
    B1 Macro switches A3 On (toilet light)
    B1 Macro waits 2 minutes before sending A3 Off

    So when the MS13 sends the B1 off signal - nothing happens.
    Also if the B1 on signal is triggered again - I assume this will restart the macro - giving the toilet occupant another 2 minutes. Can anyone confirm if macros restart with a second trigger?


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