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Thread: Dimmers with Absolute level facility

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    Default Dimmers with Absolute level facility

    It appears that some X10 controllers can send out either relative or absolute dimmer levels. Does anyone know if the Domia 10 dimmers or those from support the absolute levels?

    I assume without absolute level support a map has to be turned on full and then dimmed to the desired level?


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    To answer your question as long as your controller has module tracking it is possible to use any light module in absolute mode. What you do is rather than turning it off you just dim it to 0, and turn it on by saying bright to level 30. Some controllers use a percentage for the level, others use 0 to 63 and some use a different range of numbers. So any lighting module can be used in absolute mode. Also some controllers will jsut send a series of either Dim or Bright commands rather than actual level commands.
    Problems I have encountered are if the module doesn't support status reporting often called a 2way module, as the controller can't keep track of what is happening to the module when its controlled locally.
    Normally the modules that can remember their dim setting when they are turned on tend to have level control, so you don't need to dim them to 0 to turn them off.
    Im not too sure about how the Domia 10 dimmers or those from handle the absolute commands. But the method I described should work with these.

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