Hi all,

Recently upgraded my home server, so this Mini-ITX board is surplus to requirements.

This is a VIA EPIA M9000 motherboard with a 933MHz and 256MB DDR.
It is near silent operation (you can even replace the heatsink with a better and have a fanless system), and consumes very little power (25w or so for a complete system).

Ideal for use as a NAS. I used it as a file server + print server + home automation server, and it is plenty fast enough for that.
Can also be used as a car PC (I have another EPIA board in the car).

Asking 60 plus 10 postage by Standard Parcels, or 18 by RMSD.

Collection welcome. I am in Warrington near junction 11 of M62.
Any kind of payment method accepted.
If paying by PayPal, plus add 2 to share some of the fees.
If collecting, I can only take cash.