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Thread: Waterproof Learning Remote.....Anyone?

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    Default Waterproof Learning Remote.....Anyone?

    A question for you all, ever seen/used one of these. All I keep getting in searches is the Balboa Dolphin which only seems to be available in the U.S. and has buttons on it for spa controls. I just want to use it for bathroom audio and possibly TV control later on.

    Oh....And the first person to suggest a regular remote in a Zip-lok bag gets a slap ;-)

    Any ideas welcome, perhaps even for a fixed touchpad which could be mounted next to the bath?

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    Try this one its only 49.99pounds.
    Or here

    Or you could try an those waterproof bags they sell designed for mobile phones and the like. I know for walkie talkies they work really well. They are a kind of up market zip lock bag.

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    RTI - no contest.

    Need to be a qualified dealer to buy / programme one though but they are very good

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