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    Default Electricity Meter

    I'm new here.

    I want to try to find a way to monitor my electricity usage over time. My idea would be to install another meter near the electricity companies. that would transmit back to my PC my usage by the minute. I have a large bill, its a new house to me. Monitoring by counting disk revolutions has proved interesting as has using a watt meter but nothing more

    So the idea of monitoring the entire consumption over time was born.

    I would appreciate guidance

    Nothing that requires the use of a soldering iron.

    I have a home network it could link to.

    Any help or ideas appreciated


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    There's a handy comparison table here:

    The "Owl" one used to be called "Electrisave" but has been re-branded.

    Another alternative would be this:
    but I'm not sure what the output protocol is or how you'd interface it to other things. If its a pulsed output you could feed that to a 1-wire counter or to a NetIOM etc. and read the registers from there.



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    Default re Electricity Meter

    Thanks guys for the input . Not quite on the money but getting there. I think im looking for a Watson without the price Tag


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