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Thread: Wiring in a Pir to a DRB digital input

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    Default Wiring in a Pir to a DRB digital input

    Hi i am wanting to wire in a PIR to my DRB the connections on the pir are as follows

    + Power

    C Alarm

    T Tamper

    Do i use just the power connections eg [0volts to - power] and [input 1 or 2 to + power]


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    Assuming it is a 12V PIR then + Power would typically go to the 12V connection on the IDRANet 6 way plug and - Power would go to the 0V on the 6 way plug (in parallel with existing IDRANet wires to those terminals). Then the alarm output connection would go to input 1 of the digital input terminal. There is no need to connect into the digital input GND/0V connection since this is common with the 0V on the 6 way plug.

    In summary: the PIR unit will get its 12-15V dc from the IDRANet power bus whilst the alarm signal (which should be volt free and typically implemented using a small relay or an open collector transistor output in most off the shelf PIR units) should be connected to a digital input. Never connect anything which may have a voltage on it to the digital inputs.


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