Hi, is this the right place for support? We just ordered and received today a Kat5 kit, 1 Tx and 1 Rx - everything works fine except the IR part of the Tx is not triggering our Sky+ box so we can't change channels etc. If I look directly at the IR emitter I can only barely see the light coming on (not sure if this is the IR part or just an indicator...) but if I look at an angle I can see it fully - it seems to me the IR emitter is not in the correct place??? I've tried all sorts of positions and nothing works...

Also, I noticed we got a Mk3 Rx but only a Mk2 Tx, is that OK? At some point in the near future, once we've ironed out any problems, I want to order more Receivers but need the full IR functionality to work for all of them... not sure if that needs a Mk3 Tx??

Many thanks,