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Thread: Newbie: phone & doorbell notification on PC

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    Default Newbie: phone & doorbell notification on PC

    I'm new here. We have a media center PC in our living room. It's currently running XP but we're seriously considering a new computer with Vista and two internal cable card readers so we can get rid of the cable box. Then we'd have the computer on all the time, which we don't now.

    My husband is increasingly hearing impaired. I'm looking for a SIMPLE way to have the PC alert him when the phone rings. I'd also like to add a wireless doorbell to our condo unit that would also alert us via PC (as well as working when the PC is off, if that's possible). My search led me to this forum. I'm hoping this will be a simple question for you pros.

    Sheila in Seattle

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    Sheila -

    we use a PhoneFlash for this (like a camera-flash going-off), in our case so we don't miss the 'phone while we're under headphones ... works a treat ... here in the UK, our 'phones are different, so our particular one wouldn't work in the US, but I think these would :

    Bellman Visit 868 Flash Receiver

    Bellman Visit 868 Flash receiver attracts your attention with powerful and distinct flashes and indicates the type of signal with different coloured LEDs, just like the Bellman Visit 868 Pager does. The Flash receiver can also be connected directly to the telephone line. For additional alerting capabilities you can also connect a Bellman Visit 868 Bed-shaker to the receiver. The Flash receiver comes with a mounted table stand. There is also a wall bracket available as an accessory. The new 868 version allows you to distinguish alerts for up to four transmitters of the same kind. For example you can have up to four door transmitters and the receiver will show you exactly which door that needs attention.

    Bellman Visit 868 Door Transmitter

    The Bellman Visit 868 Door transmitter is the part of the Bellman Visit 868 system helping you to notice doorbell calls. The installation is really simple, just attach the Door transmitter close to the doorbell or intercom telephone. It is activated by both mechanical/electrical doorbells and intercom telephones. When activated, the Door transmitter sends a radio signal to the Bellman Visit 868 receiver(s) for clear alerting! The new 868 version also gives you the option to record doorbell sounds, a powerful feature for users with distinctive doorbell sounds. There is also the added option of using an external microphone if you need to be alerted by sources that are hard to reach, or by a second doorbell/signal. The receivers can then indicate, for example, which doorbell needs your attention.

    Bellman Visit 868 Pager Receiver

    The Bellman Visit 868 Pager receives signals from the Bellman Visit 868 transmitters and alerts with different and clear vibrations and lights for the various alarms. By using the Pager, it is possible to move around freely in your home or into the garden and still be reached. The Pager is small enough to be put in a pocket or be attached to the trouser band for example. The new 868 version allows you to distinguish alerts from up to four transmitters of the same kind. For example you can have up to four door transmitters and the receiver will show you exactly which door needs your attention.

    More details & other options at :



    Ref: BE1470

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