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Thread: Oil Tank Gauge

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    Default Oil Tank Gauge

    Our Domestic Oil tank ran out over last weekend, with the manual gauge on the side reading still half full... so what with refilling the oil, then have to get the oil pump replaced because it destroyed itself with running empty - this week hasn't exactly been cheap!

    Does anyone know of a product that will allow me to monitor the depth of oil in my tank, and feed it back to my server? I could then get it to email myself when it's nearing empty etc etc.

    Many thanks

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    A fairly straightforward improvement might be one of the Watchman devices, see:

    You can monitor the tank level from inside your house, but I'm not sure about other integration possibilities though.
    There are a number of simple/cheap float switches available which could be interfaced back to a PC, but most require a mounting hole through the side of the tank (=leak path) and/or don't like being fully submerged.

    There are of course industrial solutions (e.g. radar), but these come with industrial price tags. If it was water you could probably configure a maxbotic sensor, but if its for heating oil I'd want something that was certified for a hazardous atmosphere (e.g. ATEX certification).

    Anyway, for interest, some maxbotic info is here:



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