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Thread: Heating not turning off

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    Default Heating not turning off

    I was wondering if someone could help please.

    I have a Potterton Suprema 40 boiler and today i had the circuit boards replaced on the hot water tank as the water had not been heating up. However, since the heating man came my radiators have been on full, my room thermostat appears to be working and when turning the dial shows it is at 26 degrees.
    Previous to this visit the heating had been working fine.

    Can anyone help?

    I have spoken to the heating man since and explained but he thinks it maybe the room thermostat.

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    Are you confident and safe working with the thermostat/boiler electrics? If you are then you can disconnect the stat either within the boiler or at the room and see if the heating continues to run. Do switch off the boiler electrics while you are working on the cables and ensure any bear cables are left safe when you switch on for the test - best to pop them into a terminal strip if you have one. If the heating does not run with the stat connected then your heating man is right, the stat seems to be faulty. If the heating continues to run with the stat disconnected then it has to be something he has done to the boiler.

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