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Thread: Wireless Dimming 12v Halogens

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    Default Wireless Dimming 12v Halogens

    Hi, I'm a noobie looking for some advice.

    I currently have some 12v halogen stair lights that are controlled by a standard dimmer switch locaded in an under stair cupboard. What I want to do is install a wireless transmitter at the bottom of the stairs and on the top landing to be able to control the lights. If I need extra wiring for the receiver under the stairs then it won't be a problem. Can anyone advise a solution to this problem that will enable me to still be able to dim the 12v lights and have nice looking wall mounted transmitters.

    I found this solution on the web:

    and it comes with some nice looking wireless dimmers:

    Jut not sure if it will work with 12v halogens.

    The Domia Lite range also looks interesting as it also comes with a wireless dimmer switch and a Ceiling Module Dimmer 300 Watts:

    Again, not sure if this will work with 12v halogens.

    Advice would be welcome!



    PS. As a side why would some of these products not work with 12v halogens when my existing dimmer switch works fine? Do they work in a different way?

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    The fact that you can already dim your 12v halogens means it should work with most dimmers. Some transformers don't like being dimmed, and you normally have to make sure that your transformer is compatible with dimmers, which I guess your one is.
    Either solution should work fine.

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