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    Default Rako Configuration

    I currently have half a dozen X10 modules dotted around the house and as I have just bought a new gaff was wondering if Rako was a better choice (more reliable, modules dont lose their addresses etc...)? Can anyone tell me about the 7 button wall panels - can I control 4 different lights with this panel - e.g. 4 devices on/off/dim/bright or have I got the controllers wrong?
    I have a stickaswitch which does three devices like this and is exactly what I need and hope the RAko controller will do the same thing....

    Any advise gratefully recieved.


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    I believe so - one scene (button) could just equal one dimmer at, say, 50% and then you can use the master raise/lower buttons to adjust it to your desired setting.

    Not the optimal solution though, the buttons are intended to be pre-defined scenes so scene (button) 1 might be light 1 at 50% AND light 2 at 25%, scene 2 might be light 1 at 25% and light 2 at 50% for example.

    I think I have that right... I haven't bought any Rako yet, but I think that is what I want when I come to refurbish my bedroom later this year.

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    Default re:

    I believe you can mix different kinds of alarms with different working principles like rako, light detecting alarms, etc

    from what I've seen, currently, on the market there are certain retailers that do offer superior burglar alarms ranging from miniature, self-contained noisemakers, to intricate, multi-zoned systems having color-coded computer monitor outputs are available. This also applies to portable alarms, which you can use to protect your cars or other vehicles and its contents.

    just thought it might help...

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