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    Hi everyone,

    Was just after some last minute advice.

    I have been working on a home networking system and have just come accross one last problem.

    I have a lead that goes from the Master socket to the back of a patch panel. Then I will have an adsl microfilter connected at the front.

    I justed wondered if there was any sort of 'standard', of which pins should be connected to which cables of the telephone feed.

    This is so that the adsl micro filter match so the t'internet will work.

    If it helps I have loads of diagrams that shows how this works.

    Any help will muchly appreciated.

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    Hopefully this thread should have all the info:

    There are also a number of other "telephone" threads on here, just search for "krone" and you should get quite a few results.



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    normally for phones there are only 2 wires on the RJ11 phone sockets these are the center contacts, and therefore on the RJ45 sockets it should be the center contacts.
    These sites explains the phone connections

    Oh and if you are using bt plugs be aware they used their own numbering for the contacts.And not the BS standard for these plugs.

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    Should really put the filter in the master socket and run the filtered output to the panel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CWatters View Post
    Should really put the filter in the master socket and run the filtered output to the panel.
    I'd recommend this too... Filtering my adsl "at source" at the master socket instead of microfilters scattered around the house took my bb from 2Mb/s to 6.6Mb/s.

    Do the filtering "properly" with a filtered socket instead of microfilters ... do a search on adslnation and . ( no connection etc).

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