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    Well, my CM12's packed up and I was wondering if anyone's used the new CM15Pro interface...

    If so, i got a few questions: Does it work with homeseer and is the Activehome Pro software any good?


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    Just got 2 CM15Pro units about a week ago.
    Homeseer aren't officially supporting it. Their excuse is that X10 haven't released the necessary codes for Homeseer to make a plugin. But they never got the codes for the Cm11/12 either when they did the plugin for that. I think its just an excuse not to develop any more for the cheaper side of the HA market.
    No doubt if enough people pester them then they might, or someone on the forum might develop one.
    Haven't done any extensive testing but so far this is what we have found.
    The software has a similar look and feel to the old Active home software. But the interface is more user friendly, and better laid out. Module selection can be done by dragging them from the bottom of the screen to the top. Then you just edit you house and unit codes.
    Timer control functions are easy to use.
    You get an activity log screen as well which is nice.
    Security wise it will only listen out for the X10 commands that the console sends out when you arm and disarm it. So limited Security sensor support.
    Rf. You can select what House codes it listens our for. The most annoying thing is that to send out an RF X10 command this has to be done via a macro.
    The modules are all european versions of the X10 modules. So you have micro modules, din rail, uk switch modules etc...
    Macros You can do conditional If then style macros. the interface for this is drag and drop. So if you want a condition you just drag the condition type over to the macro window. We haven't tried these out yet. Then you can download to the CM15.
    If you don't want to spend lots on a HA controller then this is a good buy. Its much better than the Cm11/12. One thing I didn't like about the CM11 was the clock after about 6 months was about 45 minutes out. Don't know if the Cm15 is the same.
    If Mark thinks it is a good idea, I can do a more in depth test and review with pictures etc.
    If you need any more info let me know.

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    Thanks Toscal, that was very useful... i think i might buy one.

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