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Thread: Possible to convert Mk2 RX to allow multi-drop IR?

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    Thumbs up Possible to convert Mk2 RX to allow multi-drop IR?

    I have just bought another receiver to go with the TX and RX which I've had for just over 2 years.

    I have now discovered that there is a Mark 3 (which is the one I have received) which will allow IR control - which is great news. Is it possible (as alluded somewhere on the board which I now can't find!) to convert my existing MK2 to allow IR control from anywhere in a multi-drop system. I'm pretty competent with electronics and willing to have a stab at it.

    These are absolutely outstanding products which I've been extremely pleased with since getting them. Many thanks for your continuing work with them.


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    Hi Dave,

    Yes, the Mk2 reciever can be modified to work with the Mk3 reciever giving full IR control from both location.

    The modification involves unsoldering a few resistors and fitting a couple of small diodes.

    Contact me off list and I will give you details of the modification and also send you the bits you need to upgrade it.

    If you dont fee upto doing the mod then ship the unit back to me and I will modify it for you.


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