With the arrival of son #2, it's time to have a clear out to make way for yet more baby based gizmos.

Heres the first thing on the list to go

Mini-ITX System Complete and working.

Case: Cubid 2699R (Black)
Mobo: VIA EPIA M10000 Nehemiah Mainboard
RAM: Crucial 512MB PC2100 266MHz DDR DIMM
HD: Samsung SP1614N 160GB 7200rpm Hard Drive 8MB
Slimline DVD-ROM Drive

The VIA EPIA M10000 is the second-generation of 17cm x 17cm platform Mini-ITX motherboards.

The Epia M10000 is powered by it's integrated 1GHz VIA C3 processor featuring the Nehemiah core, the board features the VIA Apollo CLE266 chipset with embedded MPEG-2 decoder and a new integrated 2D/3D graphics core.

Total cost to buy new now would be around 240

Offers around 200 plus postage.