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Thread: Problem with Xap Switchboard

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    Default Problem with Xap Switchboard

    I have been hapily using Xap Switchboard for sometime, in fact so long I was still on version 1.1

    Anyhow, just recently it has been stopping on me, when I try to restart I was getting a connection error.

    Had a quick look this morning and searched on the error but nothing came up.

    Decided to take the plunge and upgrade to Ver 5 Beta... Should probably have fixed the problem first eh?

    Anyhow, removed ver 1.1 and installed 5 and appear to be getting the same errors.

    I am also running xapTEL and the Homeseer plugin which seem OK.

    I have attached the error message in a JPG...

    any hints as to where I should be looking?


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