Hi all,

Here I hope is a Monday brightener. I have some C-Bus wireless switches here
that I will eventually place on eBay. Just before I do that I'm letting Automated
Home members and UKHA'ers have first dibs at the items. These are ideal for
C-Bus retrofit as they just replace existing light switches (they need sufficiently
deep back boxes).

These are 'as new' in that they have never been installed although
some boxes are slightly tatty.. They are probably not in warranty
although I will extend a 30 day warranty on a replace/refund basis.

These are Saturn (white glass) style switches in 2 , 4 and 6 button varieties
and both rectangular and square style - the majority being the official UK
square 'E' versions. I do have some Neo's too. These are not grey
imports from Australia ! Dimmers are single channel (ie the 500W higher
capacity 2A versions) mostly trailing edge. I also have dual channel
relays (2 x 4A/1KW).

BTW I do not have dual channel dimmers or single channel relays
but I would be interested in swapsies against these models on a very
attractive (to you) basis as I do need some more. I also have spare
white glass Saturn fronts and again would consider swaps for other
colours, inparticular cream.

I haven't finalised price just yet - but I'm thinking about
half the current (inc VAT) UK list price for these - this works out
around 125 per switch dependent on model which I think represents excellent value
and quite surprisingly works out under half the non wireless (wired)
cost !! If I do find that's too high to move the number I have then all same model orders I take directly (not eBay) I'll match/reduce the price on (to be fair to early purchasers).

BTW I do still have UK square single button C-Bus stainless steel
switches available at 25 each. Discount for quantities.

If you are interested drop me a PM or email me direct

cheers Kevin

PS Half the non wired cost ?? Here's the basis..

You're getting effectively 1/4 of a 4 CH 2A DIN dimmer plus the
Saturn switch - plus the benefit of wireless control - and easy to
retrofit, no cabling required. You will need a wireless gateway
however which I can source but for you but I dont have any specials on these.

Quarter of a 4CH Dimmer 490/4 = 122 + Saturn 4Ch 144 = Total 266 (inc VAT RRP's)
C-BUs Wireless offer price circa 125

PPS If you previously reserved the 25 C-Bus stainless steel units but then just never paid (!)
- sorry but I wont reserve these for you until I receive the funds ...