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    Quote Originally Posted by John Winter View Post
    Karam, Viv,

    Only thing I can't get working is the watchdog function - is the information you gave above good for PLH modules? Do the IFN's differ?

    In my example the timer+UDR enable/disable packets were missing the IFN (Internal Function Number) - which is 07 for the temperature function (there is an independent timer associated with each analogue signal subfunction, so 3 such timers on a PLH).

    My earlier post has now been corrected. However you still won't be able to get this to work properly because there appears to be a bug which prevents the execution of a module self reset - meaning it would keep reseting the network but not itself! We'll try and get you a firmware fix for this as soon as we can. If anyone else needs this quickly please let us know otherwise it will appear via a Cortex based firmware upgrade in due course.

    It looks likely that this bug might affect some other modules of similar family eg. PLT, LTH etc. If in doubt and you have an urgent need then please contact us directly.
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