Well I've long been an visitor to Automated Home and other sites like this and bought lots of different items/gadgets and its now about time I finally integrated all this together.

I just can't seem to find a piece of software that brings all my stuff together so would welcome advice from members here.

What I want is to integrate my equipment and have a slick easy to use GUI (so that other non-technical members of the family can use) to the software that controls it all available via the Web (of course), via my TV (can be through some other media device such as my Xbox if required), via my mobile phone (either via DTMF, SMS or Web) and potentially through other devices such as say my PSP - is this too much to ask for? Let's see.

My equipment....

BT VP1000 (OEM of Visionic Alarm Panel) wireless alarm system with multiple senors including door contacts, PIR and smoke detectors and configured to work with my IP cameras
Analogue and IP Cameras (Axis)

In my comms rack (node zero) I have the following
Original Xbox running XBMC
Xbox 360
Sky HD
Dreambox Sat receiver
Windows Home Server (WHS)
Plus lots of other stuff :-)

The whole house is flood wired with Cat5 connected to 1GB switch and has Wireless access. I can access all the consoles from my rack on any TV in the house so any of them could be used for my TV GUI as required.
Ideally I'd love to have the software compatible with WHS so that this is the only server I need to leave on 24/7.

So more specifically I’d like to from the same software package…

1. View any of the cameras at any time via any TV in the house
2. Track events on the VP1000 in the same software and contact me via tel, email, sms
3. Record on motion detect from either IP or Analogue cameras (I can currently do this with my Axis cameras but not my analogue)
4. Access any camera via the Internet thro my broadband at any time (again I can currently do this with my Axis cameras but not my analogue)
5. At some integrate lighting so this software should also allow me to support lighting options in the future

Any ideas?

Many thanks