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Thread: Problem with Pace Cable box from Virgin?

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    Default Problem with Pace Cable box from Virgin?


    I've been successfully using a basic KAT5 setup for some time with a Sky+ box.

    I've just moved over to a standard cable system from Virgin Media - they've supplied a Pace box.

    Trouble is, the KAT5 signal to the second TV in the bedroom is now failing; intermittent flashes of picture / sound, but in the most part nothing. Swapping the SCART cables back and forth multiple times between the Sky+ box, the primary TV and the TX confirms that this isn't a cable or connection issue; the Sky+ continues to work perfectly with the KAT5, and the cable box outputs perfectly to the primary TV using the same SCART output as I then use for the KAT5.

    Any idea?



    PS My TX serial number is 17790900

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    Hi Russell,

    It sounds like a problem that affected the very early KAT5 units with some makes of set top box.

    the problem was that the set top box did not see a dc coupled 75 ohm termination as the termination was AC coupled.

    A slight modification cured the problem in every case and became standard after the first 50 sets of Mk1 KAT5 units.

    Your serial number indicated that yours is a Mk2 unit so should not suffer from the problem at all.

    The one thing that could make it happen is if the termination switches were turned OFF in the Mk2 transmitter. This would cause the picture to be brighter than normal but mnost TVs would work OK, however a set top box thet required a DC termination wouldnt see one and could give rise to the problem you describe.

    Check that all 4 of the termination switches inside the transmitter are turned on, it could be that the switch contact is slightly tarnished and not making good contact so try switching all 4 switches on and off a few times as this will clean the contacts.

    Failing that, email me and I will check the unit out for you.


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