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    Hi all

    I am an NICEIC Approved electrical contractor and am looking at taking on HA installs mostly with CBUS, i have read a lot abot CBUS and researched a lot about it; however i have a few questions:

    Whats the best wiring method for the lighting circuits, do i just take a switch live for each light to the relay or do i need a switch live and perm live for each light to the relay?

    I have seen some pictures where the relay units have MCBs with them, do these protect the input or the output of each chan on the relay?

    ok, well thats it for now, any help and or diagrams would be excellent.

    Many thanks

    Paul Jennings

    Newtec Electrical

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    Smile New Install

    Hi Paul,
    In a pretty similar situation to yourself regarding breaking into the HA arena- just about to go on C-Bus courses so will let you know. Spoke for hours to the fantastic people at the C-Bus shop about my intentions, growth markets, prices, technology etc - very knowledgeable.

    My understanding of the lighting configurations is as follows ( sure it will be corrected by the pro's if wrong !)

    It's the usual price V flexibility equation - every light with it's own module and ID will give you maximum flexibility for lighting mood settings etc, but it will also cost the most. Talk with the client and get a 'lighting map' so you can understand what he wants to achieve - with this, you may be able to 'gang' up lights to provide the required settings - but be careful of loadings especially when dimming.

    The 'limit' fuses are usually on the output side and are to protect the modules as these aren't cheap and are generally of a much smaller value than the normal 6A lighting MCB ( 1A,2A,3A) In this configuration each output wire has the neutral tied back to a common bar and the phase goes from each fuse to the appropriate light.

    Hope this helps,

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    Smile Cbus dealer

    Hi all,

    If you need any help technically with Cbus and also supply please done hesitate to contact us. We have been an authorised Cbus dealer for 5 years now and are very experienced with this system and are happy to help.

    Many thanks

    Smart Home Supplies
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    Luke Crutcher
    Branch Manager

    Smart Home Supplies
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    T: +44 1202 735 403
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