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Thread: KAT5 RGB/Component/HD For Sale - outputs VGA/RGBHV !

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    Default KAT5 RGB/Component/HD For Sale - outputs VGA/RGBHV !

    For Sale : KAT5 'RGB/Component' triple combo, and can output RGBHV (VGA) with no extra kit.

    3 x KAT5 RGB/Component boxes, with RGBHV output.
    That's one transmitter, and 2 receivers. These units daisy chain together - expand as you go.

    For example, Sky SCART in at one end, VGA output at the other. Plug direct into your Plasma or LCD without additional converters !

    A great way to get High Def 1080p pictures to your TV.

    These retail for 90 EACH - but the RGBHV is not a standard option. These were custom made by the manufactuer. Selling this kit of 3 devices for 120 - that ALL 3 for 120

    Save yourself 150 and grab a bargain.

    You can find new units here

    More information at
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