I put in a comfort system for a relative recently, and she has a lot of B&O gear. I actually rewired the whole house from a data point of view also, using the kerpen system www.irishhomenet.com which works very well with B&O.

Anyway, the initial plan was to use the CWM to give web control of comfort, but this is still not available, so have to look at alternatives. She got a beomedia put in (which is actually a bit of a disapointment with regards functionality, i.e no dvd storage or playback). The Beomedia is essentially a big black box running I think, a version of windows 2000, with a B&O card for IR control of some description.

i was considering possibly hacking it or adding a few additional features to it, including some package to control comfort, give it a webserver, and possibly a dvd package to play stored DVD's.

Just wondering if anyone had any idas on this, and if/or they had done any kind of integration between b&o and comfort. The comfort install includes 2 scs06's which I beleive have IR receiveres on them ? so potential here also ?