> Still getting used to typing on it. Not as easy as my BB.

I takes a while but I can type fast on mine no probs. Important you watch this video right thru to understand it - 9 times out of 10 just continuing to type and hitting spacebar will result the in the word you wanted!


My 2 top tips - double click space bar at end of sentence to insert full
stop. And to insert a non-alpha character press and HOLD the button
bottom left, slide to your symbol and then release.

> Screen rotation only seems to work in safari

It works in Photos, Calculator etc, not in email if thats what you mean.

> and can't get it to work with my IMAP accounts.

Works great here. What's your setup? You need to manually enter the passwords for incoming and outgoing servers on the phone btw as thse don't come over on syncing.