I have a PC running Xp pro Sp2, that won't boot up on the first attempt. Comes up with non system disk error please replace etc. When I do a Ctrl + Alt + Del the PC boots up fine.
A troubleshooting chart I have suggested a power supply problem caused by a premature power_ok signal. Replaced power supply and still the same.
Reseated all cables etc as well. Checked bios for any silly things. Have SATA selected as IDE channel.
Spec for PC are
Motherboard: GA-M68SM-S2
CPU: AMD 4000+
2Gb Ram
250Gb Sata Hard drive
One DVD lightscribe rewriter
One floppy drive.
Windows XP pro SP2 and all current updates except SP3
Mouse, keyboard and 19" wide screen monitor.

Any one have any suggestions. Apart from hitting it with a hammer.