Hi all,

Wondered if anyone has ever seen this scenario? I've had a KAT5 transmitter and receiver working perfectly for some time now, although at the receiver I have to aim the Sky+ remote off to the side as other people have posted about before, not a big deal. Yesterday though, the main Sky+ box stopped responding to the remote or was very sluggish in responding. Same for the far end location too. Then the Sky box responded with a message that the batteries needed to be changed. Even with fresh batteries in both Sky+ remotes this behaviour continues. The only way to get normal operation at the main telly is to power off the Kat5 transmitter. Looking at the IR stick-on "eye" on the Sky box, it has a red light that is flashing in sync with the audio on the current channel although no other remotes are in use in the room.

I'm going to try an rf2link unit (http://www.pacelink.co.uk/rf2link.htm) as advised to others. Just wondering if I anyone else has seen this?