I am after some data for HA controlled heating systems that shows the finer control that they can offer, that could prove that these finer controls do actually save money. The control may be linked to occupancy, a reduced tighter temperature range achieved, or some other control. It may be an off-the-shelf system (e.g. Smartfit, Hometronic), home-brew, or a bit of both.


I am part of an environmental group at my workplace and we are organising an event on carbon footprint reduction in the home. As well as having details of insulation, draft proofing etc I would like to be able to show whether/that HA can save energy. I mention heating as the quantities of energy are large but some power hungry appliance control would be good too, or the sum of lots of little ones. So if you have logs that show heating etc of a room with your HA system or intelligent heating controls plus some information of how it was controlled before please would you contact me off-list? Data for a single room for a 24 hour period would be a great help
Data I am after:
* Temperature
* control factor (e.g. occupancy, timer on/off)
* type of control system
* Previous control method

Bonuses would be
* outside temp for the controlled period
* temp data for a similarly cold day before the controls were introduced

I do not yet have my heating controlled so have no data of my own.

If you cannot filter out a day from your logs, donít worry I can handle large datasets.

In terms of proof, I am not looking at the whole cycle i.e. I am only trying to show the saving of heat etc not factoring the cost of running the HA or capital install costs, although if you have other data that would be nice too.

So if you can help please contact me off-list or show your interest by responding here & Iíll answer questions. All the data will be anonymously presented and I will publish my findings on the web.