Following many months of beta testing, a xAP plug-in for SqueezeCenter v7.x is now available.

xAP Plug-in v2 for SqueezeCenter is a second generation, pure-Perl implementation of a xAP connector for this platform. The previous version, released in 2006 supported server software v6.x (SlimServer) and followed on from the original .Net version. This version has been revised to work with v7.x SqueezeCenter software, features significantly enhanced message display functionality as well as numerous other enhancements and bug fixes. And documentation!

The xAP plug-in for SqueezeCenter supports messages from these xAP schema specifications:
* Basic Status and Control (BSC) v1.3
* Audio and Media Control v2.2 with SqueezeCenter-specific extensions
* On Screen Display (OSD) with SqueezeCenter-specific extensions.

The plug-in provides two-way xAP communication for SqueezeCenter with the following main functions:
* Player power and volume control with xAP BSC
* Player transport control
* Player mixer control
* Player message display
* Playlist management
* Server control
* Access to low-level remote button and IR codes.

The plug-in can be found at:

There is online documentation at:

The primary place for support of the plug-in will be on the Slim Devices board for 3rd-party plugins at:
starting from this thread:

A big thanks to the beta testers over the last few months!

Edward Pearson
ersp - design, London.