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Thread: So Confused !! Theres just So much out there !!! HELP PLEASE

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    Default So Confused !! Theres just So much out there !!! HELP PLEASE

    Hi Everyone - Im a Newbie and I got this Automation BUG !!

    But I'm confused.

    This is what I'm looking for 8O OR to do !!



    ....I have been looking into Lutron BUT its damn expensive - I have seen the Grafix eye solution and Lutron Homeworks - Whats the difference - anyone got a quick answer :-(

    I have seen the Rako system - its RF based and looks good - anyone got it used it ?

    I have also read about the ULTI "Clipsal Concept" - It looks good BUT has anyone got that - used it ?


    IR Repeaters

    I want to control all my AV/Lights etc - I think I need a IR Learning remote, and a IR repeater (Any good Repeater recommendations ?)
    I have a Tablet PC, Does anyone have any recommendations in terms of SOFTWARE ? and can I use it to control all the AV/Lights etc etc + do I need a USB IR Extender as the IrDA port maybe weak on the Tablet PC ???

    MULTI-ROOM Music

    I got a PC with loadsa MP3s upstairs - can I pipe this to anyroom (Please note I have just cabled my house with Cat 6) - so I can access the music anywhere BUT do I need a seperate AMP in each room :-o EXPENSIVE - or is there a cheaper way I can do this - Maybe using Windows XP Media Centre and a Remote control to select music/tv/vids/pics/Internet ?


    Any Ideas or Pointers will be great. I really need some help as there are so many things you can do !!! I just need some focusing and ADVICE !!

    Many Thanks ALL

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    Default Re: So Confused !! Theres just So much out there !!! HELP PL

    Regarding the music you might consider a Philips Streamium MC-i250

    Takes a connection to the network and even plays internet radio. Unlike other streamers though it looks like a mini system so needs extra amp or speakers.
    Down sides are that its limited on outputs and I'm not sure how good the interface would be when you're browsing though 1000s of mp3s ! :roll:


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