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    Hi there,

    We've recently moved into a property with a honeywell cm67ng control unit, and already having read the user guide i still cannot fathom out how to correctly program the unit to do what i want.

    I believe it does'nt do different zones, just controls the boiler i think.

    Ideally i want to set it to come on in the morning for a couple of hours then go off while we're at work then come back on again in the evening for a few hours. At the moment i can only seem to get it to come on and go off in one time period not morning and eve.

    I am a novice when it comes to heating systems so some basic advice would be helpfull please

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    Have you seen this guide?

    The bottom left corner of page 2 indicates its standard internal program. Perhaps if you adjust the temperatures through the middle of the day to be low (perhaps 5-10 degrees) the boiler will behave as if its switched off. I wouldn't set it to zero as ideally you'd still want some frost protection.

    HTH, come back if that doesn't solve things



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