Xantech MRC44 whole house audio system

As our original house purchase has fallen through and our new house isn't going to be suitable for this ...

I'm looking to sell my Whole house audio controller/keypad thingy

It's a Xantech system http://www.xantech.com/mrc44/ , four source, four zone with 4 of the sexy blue lit keypads - very high WAF !

It also houses a very powerfull IR controller, I didn't realise how much it could do when I bought it, simply plug in a PC with the DragonDrop IR software (inlcuded) and you can program each keypad press to do whatever you want (in IR terms ) Macros etc can be programmed. I only scratched the surface but it's very powerfull, and to be honest, not a little bit complicated.

Some more links:


http://www.smr-home-theatre.org/ces2...7. shtml<br />
The system is brand new & boxed, never installed (I've had it running in 'mock up' for a couple of months with one keypad), includes the controller/amp, 4 keypads, mounting hardware, IR transmistters, Dragondrop software, PC connecting cable and manual - in fact everything that came in the box

Now the downside - It's a 110V unit so you'll need a suitable step down transformer.

Price is 1200 including delivery. Obviously that's a lot of money to hand over to someone with not much history on these forums, I use the same username on the Yahoo groups for my odd post there, and on the AVforums, it's my ebay ID as well.

Thanks for looking