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    I've been doing some more research to try to figure out how to use the FS20 system with Under Floor Heating. There are several options (some of which may not work)

    Option 1
    Buy the HomeMatic 4-zone Under Floor Heating system For 630 euros. This is way over my budget and I only have two UFH zones. So this option is far from optimal but it does demonstrate that it is possible to control UFH with FS20

    Option 2
    Buy the FLV wireless thermostat plus wireless mains switch for 55.95 euros. Use the mains switch in series with a wired floor probe thermostat to control a wired actuator (i.e. heat will only be sent to the floor IF the FS20 thermostat calls for heat AND IF the floor temperature is below 28 degrees C). Big question: will this system work with the FHT8W Boiler Control? (I'd guess it does) (update 21/9/10 - no, the STR thermostat wont work with either the FHT 8W or the FHZ1xxx PC controllers)

    Option 3
    Buy a Conrad FHT 80B Room Thermostat, a FS20 AS1 switch and the FHT8W Boiler Control and hope that the 80B can be configured to talk to the AS1 switch. This wont work if the 80B cannot communicate with the AS1 switch. (update 21/9/10 - the 80B cannot work with the AS1 switch)

    Option 4
    Buy an FS20 room thermostat plus wireless actuator plus window sensor. Hack the window sensor so that it is connected to a wired floor temperature probe. This will almost certainly work. The components could be bought from Conrad-UK or from HouseTechSolutions. (update 21/9/10 - won't work: the FS20 wireless actuators are too bulky to fit onto UFH manifolds!)


    Options 3 and 4 are the most likely, I think. Option 3 (assuming the 80B can communicate with the AS1 switch) is my preferred option.


    Ultimately, I plan to connect all this kit to a Linux server so I can control it from my Android phone. I will also have a bunch of 1-wire temperature sensors in the livingroom so I could use the 1-wire temp sensors to detect the floor temp and then send a command to the 80B to switch off. But I'd prefer the system to continue functioning even if the server falls over.


    Any thoughts?
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