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Thread: DFP unboxed

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    You got me thinking now. I am thinking this would make a nice addition as a controller for my Squeezecenter via the xAP plugin by Ed. It would seem possible (although a bit of scripting is needed) to get the DFP to see the music collection and play it on a Squeezebox. Once playing the Squeezecenter could pass infomration back to the DFP to display.


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    I would think that's possible although I think it might be more of a 'because I can' rather than an 'isn't that great'. Having transport and volume control is easily achievable though.

    It needs a bit more experimentation to see just what the capabilities are of the display from xAP. At the moment I am only displaying sensor values.

    Also I need to investigate a little more the possibilities of switching screen modes/pages and then back again to defaults such that you aren't compromising the main functionality of the display - which is of course neatly integrated with Cortex and it's main purpose.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
    Thanks Karam

    - don't you ever sleep ;-)



    Doesn't look like you get much sleep either ;-)

    Yes, just to clarify, each button has 2 LEDs (Red/Blue) and each LED can be ON/OFF/Flashing and have a particular brightness setting. The flashing is done by local hardware. The flash rate can be changed but the rate applies to all LEDs in one colour group. Blue and Red flashing is not synchronised. There isn't a way of generating sounds locally - not overlooked but compromise.

    Like most other modules, although to the un-IDRATEK initiated the DFPH02 looks like a standalone controller, it is in fact another general purpose module whose function largely depends on what's controlling it. Obviously at a more detailed level there is a mix of internally and externally implemented functions to improve efficiency, and more features at both ends will become available as we progress.

    Technically it is possible to send arbitrary text or graphics to the display. A bit map level user graphics conduit is not implemented within Cortex but as you will see it is possible to construct and display user defined menus, send user defined messages and of course the multitude of realtime signals/object status information already have display version output as well as the existing spoken output forms. A xAP specific conduit for text I believe already exists. More graphic functionality is being worked on... we're not stuck with the present two fonts either - infact a 3rd smaller font is being experimented with for other future function, but obviously only so much you can do with 64x128 pixels.

    For further details see Cortex 24 release notes, now at

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