I have comfort panel in my house now about 8 years (installed in 2001 myself), and its been working great. Recently installed a comfort panel in my sister’s house, along with some scs switches and Ethernet port etc, so got a chance to see the improvements that have been made since my initial install, and am a bit jealous, so looking to upgrade.

Current system
Old comfort panel, 8 inputs, two kp01 keypads
UCM01 I believe, with rs232 port

24 inputs
Ethernet connectivity with comfigurator/ or comfort webserver
SCS06 x 3
2 keypads (hopefully re-use kp01's ?)

Could anyone advise if this means a complete new main board, or if I can simply upgrade my existing system. Is there any process for upgrading, or deals on upgrade pricing etc, its looking a little pricey :-( although I don’t mind foregoing the cwm for a while.

Also, anyone advise where to buy now, I used to get my HW form www.comfort.org.uk, but any other dealers in uk/irl ?